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In The Kitchen With… Rens Kroes

I first met Rens Kroes in New York City a few years ago. I had known of her for a while, but had never met her in person. She is one of those people who seem almost inapproachable via the social media lens, simply because of how successful and well-known she is. When I finally…

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How to Make Beautifully Real Food with Sam Murphy

Sam Murphy is the creative genius behind the wildly popular Instagram account So Beautifully Real.  In honor of the release of her first vegan cookbook, Beautifully Real Food, Sam joins me for an interview in which she talks about why she went vegan, her passion for creating and sharing deilicious plant-based food and most importantly, her desire…

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Bringing the Vegan Revolution to Harlem

Three blocks north of Central Park, on Saint Nicholas Avenue and West 113th street, the Harlem restaurant Seasoned Vegan has become one of New York City’s most valuable vegan gems. What started as an occasional pop-up sale of homemade food, became Harlem’s first ever full-service vegan restaurant in 2014. The local community has embraced Brenda…

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Can Children Go Vegan? An Interview With Ruby Roth, the World’s Leading Author-Illustrator of Vegan Books for Children

[PORTRAIT OF A VEGAN: RUBY ROTH, AUTHOR-ILLUSTRATOR] “We don’t force our kids to go vegan any more than omnivores force their kids to eat meat.”   Can children go vegan? And if they can, should they? Are vegans who feed their children a vegan diet and raise them according to their beliefs irresponsible? While veganism…

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Vegan Cheesy Roasted Veggie Pasta Bowl 

SPICES IN THE VEGAN PANTRY When I was little, our spice cabinet was my favorite part of the kitchen. I remember smelling and tasting each of the spices and spending hours experimenting, creating and coming up with new recipes. I loved the idea that something as small as a dash of nutmeg, for instance, could…

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Quick and Easy Vegan Breakfast Idea

If you’re looking to go vegan or want to start eating healthier, switching to vegan breakfasts is a great way to start. Oatmeal is one of my favorite go-to breakfasts because it’s so easy to make, very affordable and delicious. What I love most about it is that you can combine it with any toppings…

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Reishi Cold-Brew Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Three of my favorite things are without a doubt coffee, ice cream and caramel. I loved them well before I went vegan and I still love them now. The great thing about veganism is that you can find plant-based alternatives for practically anything. So what better way to combine the foods (and beverages) I love…

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Pink Dragonfruit Smoothie

A few years ago, I decided that it was time for me to start eating more fruit. I had recently joined Instagram and kept seeing pictures of people eating an abundance of delicious fruit every single day. They looked healthy, they looked peaceful, they looked happy. And I was ready to join them. My only…

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